What is Habeas and what's our Mission Statement?

What's the Problem with Legal Research? 

Currently, legal research can be a huge drain on legal firms’ time and capital expenditure. Lawyers are forced to rely outdated database search systems, which are tricky to navigate and require a lot of labour time to find the ‘correct’ documents. A lawyer might be looking for the answer to a very specific legal question, or looking for a specific piece of legislation, but to find that answer they have to comb through mountains of documents, like searching for a needle in a haystack. This problem is amplified when we consider that many lawyers are already overburdened and working against looming deadlines.

How does Habeas provide a Unique Solution to this Problem?

Oursolution, Habeas, brings the power of AI to combat this challenge, making iteasy to locate that elusive needle in the haystack. We want to build a platformwhere an Australian lawyer can ask just about any complex legal question andget a legitimate and sourced response immediately. By providing responsessourced from valid legal documents and legislation, delivered ineasy-to-understand natural language, Habeas amplifies lawyers’ efficiency,enabling them to dedicate more time to strategic high-level tasks andproblem-solving.

What is the bottom-line for firms?

Well, the thesis is simple – Habeas can save firms time and money. If your lawyers now possess a tool that allow them to find relevant cases and legislation in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take them, this frees up lawyers’ time for other tasks or for more in-depth research practice. What's more, this impact isn't limited to a one-off project. The cumulative benefit is realised every day, each month, every year. Another bonus that early users have reported is that Habeas could be useful for reducing emotional stress. Habeas alleviates the pressure to comb through countless documents, leaving your team more energised for deeper analytical work on the documents and case law that matters the most.

What Makes Habeas Different? 

Habeas is designed to be as intuitive as possible for lawyers, through the use of a chatbot interface. We've combined technological innovation on the backend with user-friendly UI design to offer a tool that any lawyer can use, regardless of their familiarity with AI. Further, while there are now AI-first tools emerging on the market, very few of these are trained on Australian case law specifically, and thus will tend to provide answers to case-specific queries that are vague and unverifiable