We make legal research simple.

Forget the days of manual database search. Australian lawyers can use our AI platform to ask questions of legal precedent, and receive detailed answers and citations in a matter of seconds.

Our Product Features

Our AI suite makes research efficient without sacrificing quality

Habeas incorporates a number of functionalities for lawyers engaging in complex legal research problems.

Case Law Research

Ask questions of Australian case law, get key quotes from relevant rulings instantly.

Drafting Documents

Use the intelligent inferences from our AI to draft high quality legal advice for clients.

Immediate Answers

Receive accurate answers to complex legal problems in a few seconds, with citations.

Chatbot Functionality

With our platform, you can communicate your legal research question in everyday language.

Trained on Australian Law

Our database is specifically trained on Australian legal precedent, to ensure accuracy of results.

Ask documents questions

Upload any legal file and ask questions about the judgements, facts or nuances of the case. Get instant summaries.

We make integration of our research platform easy.

Our platform is designed for ease of use and intuitive search functionality, so that lawyers can make a smooth transition without the need for specialist training.

We specialise in creating AI tools for Australian legal firms.

We prioritise establishing strong relationships with clients and understanding the most pressing and costly problems they need solving.

What experts are saying about AI legal tech:

"AI will enhance what lawyers can do, both by creating process efficiencies, and by increasing the relative value of exclusively ‘human’ skills."
Professor Michael Legg and Felicity Bell
UNSW Law Research Series
"AI represents an opportunity for a law firm to be a leader in efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and productivity, but soon incorporation of AI into practice will be a matter of keeping up."
Gary Marchant, PHD
Lincoln Professor of Emerging Technologies, Law & Ethics
“AI is changing the way lawyers think, the way they do business and the way they interact with clients.  It is the next great hope that will revolutionize the legal profession."
Julie Sobowale
ABA Journal

Perfect for firms looking to save costs and valuable time on research and drafting

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